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类型:国产动漫  大陆  2022 

主演:梓辰 浩天 洛樱 前特 团子 娜塔莎 帝繁音 小鱼干 苏打水 浸波  






At the beginning of the story, Yebei wakes up and is pleasantly surprised to find that he has been resurrected! However, three hundred years have passed. The disciples he had worked so hard to train have now cultivated into immortals, and have grown into female devils who can overwhelm the country and the city. Yebei said with emotion: "Three hundred years... three hundred years, now it's my turn to teach... no, I mean it's time to teach you!"

The story unfolds in a humorous and fantastic way. Yebei, as the protagonist, experienced the confusion and surprise after being resurrected, and found himself facing the grown-up apprentices again. Under his guidance, these apprentices became powerful female devils, possessing amazing strength and beauty. Yebei will serve as their instructor again, guiding them to the future.

"Apprentices are all devils" depicts the teacher Changes in the relationship between disciples and emotional entanglements. As a master, Yebei had to find adaptation and balance in the face of grown-up apprentices. The story is full of laughter, adventure and emotion, and the audience will be transported into a world of magic and fantasy.

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