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类型:国产剧 国产  大陆  2021 

主演:宋佳 佟大为 蒋欣 李佳航 张国立 刘楚恬 李一情 单禹豪 武泽锦熙  










"Little Willingness" is a touching domestic drama that will be released in mainland China in 2021. The play stars Song Jia, Tong Dawei, Jiang Xin and Li Jiahang, and is directed by Zhang Xiaobo.

The story revolves around several families. Huan was anxious about her academic performance and decided to give her tutoring. Huanhuan embarked on a hard learning journey because of tutoring, and the whole family faced a series of challenges because of this.

During the tutoring process, Nan Li and Xia Junshan gradually realized the child’s The importance of a happy childhood. After experiencing a series of accidents, they finally came to their senses and decided to give their children a relaxed and happy learning environment instead of blindly chasing scores.

At the same time, Tian Yulan, Nan Li’s step-sister and colleague, has a crush on her husband Yan Mr. Peng has a kind of mistrust and often follows him, which seriously affects the relationship between husband and wife. She focused on the cultivation of her son Yan Ziyou, but too much pressure made Yan Ziyou psychologically unbalanced in important competitions.

There is also Zhang Xueer in the play, she is the class teacher of Xia Huanhuan and Yan Ziyou . Teacher Zhang was very moved by the diligence and hard work of Mi Tao, a rural child. The educational philosophy of her boyfriend Zhong Yi was inconsistent, and the two eventually broke up. Teacher Zhang is a rare and good teacher. She discovered and pointed out Xia Huanhuan's mistakes in time, and at the same time patiently comforted and encouraged Mi Tao to study hard.

"Little Shede" is not only a drama about learning and education, but also is a warm story about family and love. The characters and plots in the play are of profound practical significance, making the audience think about the true meaning of life and family while being moved.

Director Zhang Xiaobo skillfully shaped the personality and heart of each character, the actors The excellent performance also adds a lot to the play. "Little Willingness" is deeply loved by the audience by showing the warmth of the family and the story of growth.




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